Eclectic Colonial Home

Belmont, MA – This wonderfully eclectic colonial home reflects the homeowner’s love of cooking, art, and music. The living room fireplace is a favorite gathering spot for family and friends, complete with a baby grand piano. The color scheme respectfully nods to this lovely home’s historical pedigree, where lively groupings of antique furniture, a family heirloom or two, and collectibles invite guests to sit and relax. Occasional touches of whimsical art make this house a home where family gatherings are cause for celebration.

The interior design of this eclectic colonial home reflects a reverence for history. Belmont began as a settlement in 1630 when Sir Richard Saltonstall and approximately 40 families separated from the first settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and moved inland to start an agricultural community. A fun historical fact is that one of the most enthusiastic advocates of starting the community was John Perkins Cushing, the largest taxpayer of the proposed town, who gave generously and openly to the incorporation expense on the condition that it be named after his 200-acre estate “Bellmont.”

In the 1900s, many artists, authors, educators, physicians, and scientists moved to Belmont and doubled its population. Today Belmont has a population of 25,349 and is known as “The Town of Homes.” We so enjoyed this project,” says Tiffany. “It’s a pleasure to work in this lovely community.”

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